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Acid Black Cherry’s free concert for 80,000 people. Atsushi’s cymbals warp from the heat

Acid Black Cherry’s free concert for 80,000 people was held at Makuhari Maihama Park special stage.

Makuhari Maihama Park special stage is 400 meters in length from the stage to the very back area. It is also equipped with four giant video screens. Toward the end of the set, yasu rode on a float and moved all the way to the back in order to get closer to the fans. Aggressive headbanging and soaring vocals entertained this crowd of 40,000 at this free concert.

Cumulonimbus clouds rapidly developed due to typhoon #12, and caused heavy rains the day before. However, this day was extremely hot at 35º. Support drummer Atsushi’s (SIAM SHADE/BULL ZEICHEN88) cymbals even warped form the heat.

This free gratitude concert is held every four years and will be held at Osaka Maishima ABC special stage on August 1.

Photo: Hideaki Imamoto

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