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SuG’s longest Japan tour yet. “It’s lonely to think that today is the last day”

The tour finale of SuG’s Japan tour, SuG TOUR 2015 “BLACK –FINAL-“, was held at Shibuya Kokaido on July 26.

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SuG TOUR 2015 “BLACK” was in support of the band’s first album since their comeback that was released in March. The concert was held on Tokyo’s first extremely hot day of the summer. Many fans came out to see this finale of the 22-show tour even in the blazing sun.

The tour finale started with “BLACK” as though a heavy door was slowly being opened. They followed with “HELL YEAH” that got the crowd clapping and jumping. “MISSING” started a wave of headbanging that brought the audience together.

Takeru (vocals) spoke for the first time after “overflow”. “I want to make this tour finale at Shibuya Kokaido the craziest one!” SuG followed with up-tempo tunes like "BABY," "Luv it !!", "DEAD or DEAD", and “STAY TUNED”.

Takeru continued, “It’s lonely to think that this long tour is coming to an end today”. They played “KAMISAMA NO ITAZURA” and “Time after Time”. Each member got his solo during “hey ZOKU funk you”. The percussive guitar in “SweeToxic” was memorable, and the mirror ball during “FRIDAY!!” turned the venue into a disco hall.

The fans screamed when Takeru mentioned that the concert was coming to an end. He yelled, “It doesn't matter if it’s the finale. Let’s go all out! Let’s meet again on the next tour!” They ended the set with “CRY OUT”, “SOS”, “ICHIRENTAKUSHO”, “heavy + electro + dance + punk”, “FUKANSEI Beautyfool Days”, and “EIEN”.

The crowd chanted for an encore, and the band appeared back on stage in their wardrobe from the “teenAge dream” single. The encore started when Takeru pressed play on the boom box, and the venue was full of excitement once again.

The band thanked the fans after “teenAge dream”, and they each talked about their thoughts on the tour. Finally Takeru said, “You all came here with different intentions. You wanted to get wild, dance, cry, be moved, get excited. We want to make you feel that way until the end, so come on! Ok!?” The crowd yelled back and the band went into their last spurt.

The venue went dark after the performance and the big screen displayed information on “VersuS 2015”. There will concept concerts under the themes of “GOKUSA” and “GOKUAKU”. This will be the second year and will be held in Osaka as well as in Tokyo.

SuG will also release a video of “SuG TOUR 2015 "BLACK-FINAL -"” as well. The Blu-ray will be limited and include a tour documentary and replica backstage staff passes.

This “one-man” tour and tour finale are sure to have been experiences that developed the band even more.

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