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J’s latest visuals and track list of all 11 songs released

J will release his 10th full original album, “eternal flames”, on September 2. The track titles, new artists photos, and details on the deluxe commemorative box have been released.

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11 songs are included on “eternal flames”. This 10th album that comes 18 years after his solo debut took over a year to produce.

Of course his signature groove and passionate rock style are no different, but we can also see his journey up till now. The album oozes with what adult male sensibilities. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that motivational rock and standard rock that is unwavering over time was born here. It is an album that should be heard by men of the same generation that are facing the challenges of society, as well as fans who are connected by solidarity.

The deluxe memorial box includes a DVD containing a recording documentary and music video making-of video as well a new photo booklet. The scores for all of the songs on the album will also be included in the package.

J has birthed many bassist followers up until now. This album has a simple drums, bass, guitar, vocal sound. Band kids will like it, but he hopes that people who are about to start picking up an instrument will experience at as well.

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