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Yuzu as junk dolls sing their new song, “OWARANAI UTA”, with patched up dolls

Yuzu will release their new single “OWARANAI UTA” on August 12. The music video for the song has just been released.

◆"OWARANAI UTA” music video / cover art - image

Sojiro Kamatani directed this video that is set is inside a clock tower. Dolls that used to share the limelight are piled up as junk in this clock tower that is hundreds of years old. Yuzu appear dressed as junk dolls and act as the leaders of the junk dolls and patch together these other dolls that they shared the stage with. They perform this endless song together.

The dolls in the video are scraps from the artist unit, magma. The theme of “OWARANAI UTA” is that “music knows no borders”.

▲Yuzu / "OWARANAI UTA" cover art - image

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