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Ken Hirai dances with 74-year old elderly woman. “Please watch us dance and enjoy”

Ken Hirai will release his new single, “KIMINO KODOWA KIMINISHIKA NARASENAI”, on August 5. A short version of the music video for the song was just released.

◆Hirai Ken "KIMINO KODOWA KIMINISHIKA NARASENAI" - music video (Short ver.)

Ken Hirai shot his last video for “SOREMOSHITAI” in India. He created a buzz by dancing among a crowd of Indians. This time he partakes in ballroom dance and contemporary dance with an elderly woman. It conveys warmth as well as an appreciation for life.

Hirai was involved in the auditions for his dance partner. She chose Emiko Takizawa (74) who was closest to whom he imagined. They only had one week between the moment he selected his partner and the video shoot. They rehearsed the choreography all day, starting two days before the shoot.

Ken Hirai and director Kanji Suto comment on the video below.

  ◆  ◆  ◆

“This is a medium tempo ballad. My music videos for ballads usually involve me singing longingly, but I wanted to break away from that pattern this time. I wanted to challenge myself to ballroom dance and contemporary dance, which I am not very good at. By dancing with an elderly woman, I wanted to convey, “As long as we are alive, we can be festive.” I’ve done many things like dress up in Indian attire, but this was completely opposite and felt more like a medieval painting. I tried my best at ballroom dance, which I am terrible at. The elderly woman is adorable, and I want people to enjoy watching us dance together” –Ken Hirai

“This time, we wanted to directly convey Hirai-san’s powerful simplicity with ‘no singing and all dancing”. Conveying simplicity in a powerful way through camerawork and performance was key. Hirai-san and Takizawa-san were able to honestly convey the meaning of the lyrics. I think we captured the two’s amazing expressions” –Kanji Suto

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A short version of the video is up on Ken Hirai’s official YouTube channel, so check it out.

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