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Flumpool: YouTube playlist campaign starts + trailer for DVD released

Flumpool will release their new single, “NATSUYO TOMENAIDE ~You’re Romantic~”, on August 5. A playlist campaign using the music video has started.

◆"SAKAI PerfecTV!" -trailer video

The campaign is titled “MINNA NI KIKASETAI! ANATAGA OSUSUMESURU flumpool Playlist!” The YouTube playlist function is used to create a playlist of videos from the flumpool and A-Sketch channel. Once the playlist is tweeted with hashtag, it can be shared with everyone.

There is a rule to use at least five songs from five videos in order make it more enjoyable. Five playlists will be chosen and posted on A-sketch’s official Twitter account. The chosen will receive “flumpool original mobile waterproof poaches” as presents.

A trailer video for the limited edition DVD of “SAKAI PerfecTV!” has been released to coincide with the release of “NATSUYO TOMENAIDE ~You’re Romantic~”. “SAKAI PerfecTV!” is a video of “FM SAKAI ~Returns~”, a bonus track off of flumpool’s previous release “FOUR ROOMS”. Guitarist Issei Sakai asked the band members to produce a TV program that would make him look perfect. A documentary of the CD cover photoshoot is also included.

Flumpool will play their first large-scale outdoor concert in their hometown of Osaka. It will be titled “flumpool MANATSU NO YAGAI LIVE 2015 “FOR ROOTS” ~Osaka Fields Forever~”

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