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Eir Aoi rocks Asia

Eir Aoi performed at “Bilibili Macro Link 2015” in Shanghai to a sea of screaming fans.

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This was Eir Aoi’s first Shanghai concert, but she still excited the 8,000 fans when she sang “IGNITE”, “Lapis Lazuli”, and “Sirius”.

Aoi then headed over to ACG in Hong Kong where she was a guest for the “Arslan SENKI x MUSO” talk event at the Sony Computer Entertainment booth. She performed “Lapis Lazuli”, the ending them to TV anime “Arslan SENKI”.

Aoi will be returning to Hong Kong in October for her first Asia “one-man” tour. The local fans screamed when he told them, “I’ll be coming back!”

Eir Aoi’s new album, “D’AZUR”, charted at #4 and is showing that it is a “long hit” on several digital distribution sites.

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