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Q’ulle launches apparel brand. Asia tour in 2016 as well

Q’ulle held the finale of “Q’&A ~Q’ulle and Answer ZENKOKU 6 TOSHI Tour~ KIMI NO KOTAEWA…?” on July 26 at Shibuya WWW.

◆“Q’&A ~Q’ulle and Answer ZENKOKU 6 TOSHI Tour~ KIMI NO KOTAEWA…?” finale - image

This is the official concert report.

  ◆  ◆  ◆

The goal for “Road to Nippon Budokan DAI ICHI NO CHOSEN” was to sell out the tickets. The tickets did indeed sell out moments after they went on sale. Many fans flocked to the venue to see the culmination of the tour.

The show started with Q’ulle’s intense rock number, “Deep Drive”. Yuzuki egged on the crowd by saying, “Let me see Tokyo’s monster!” They raised the voltage of the audience from the start of the show.

The crowd chanted, “We are Q’ulle!” during the middle of the set. The group then appeared on stage in new costumes. They announced that they launched an apparel brand, “CHOMEL SINGA”, which has been a dream of theirs since they first formed. They wore actual one-pieces and parkas that will be sold and performed their new song, “HOPE”, for the very first time.

Q’ulle performed pop tunes such as “Do Say” and “HEARTBEAT” toward the end of their set. They sang “P” for their last song, for which the crowd joined in a call-and-response, and towels went into the air.

For the encore, Q’ulle announced that they sold out “Road to Nippon Budokan “DAI ICHI NO CHOSEN”” at WWW as they promised. They also announced their “one-man” concert at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST on December 29 and a Shanghai show in 2016. Manako professed, “I can’t begin to imagine what it will be like to perform at O-EAST. But if we’re going to do it, I want to sell it out”. They then sang “F (i) ve” to show their gratitude to their fans and followed with their new song, “UNREAL”. They revealed that it would be the official theme song for “Real Account” manga.

For the double encore, Ikura said, “We made a lot of decisions from one year ago. We struggled and were uncertain.” She then answered the question asked in the tour title, “What is your answer?” She said, “My answer is that I’m glad I’m with Q’ulle.”

Q’ulle announced that depending on whether O-EAST on December 29 sells out, they will hold the tour finale of their autumn 2016 Asia tour at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo.

Photos by Kana Tarumi

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