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Representatives from 15 countries compete in cosplay karaoke at “LIVE DAM presents NIPPON World Karaoke Grand Prix Cosplay 2015” held at World Cosplay Summit

"LIVE DAM presents NIPPON World Karaoke Grand Prix Cosplay 2015" was held at Oasis 21 in Sakae, Nagoya on August 1 (Saturday). Representatives from 15 countries participated in cosplay karaoke of anime songs and were judged on their singing, costumes and performances.

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"LIVE DAM presents NIPPON World Karaoke Grand Prix Cosplay 2015" is a part of “World Cosplay Summit” which has been held every year in Nagoya since 2003. Parades, talk shows, and other events are held during “World Cosplay Summit”. "LIVE DAM presents NIPPON World Karaoke Grand Prix Cosplay 2015" and “World Cosplay Championships” are popular events because of their high-level of cosplay performances.

This karaoke event ties together two of Japan’s prides, anime and karaoke. This was the third time it was held since it was started in 2013.

August 1 was an extremely hot day all across Japan. Oasis 21 in Nagoya, which is notorious for its sweltering hot summers, was hot as well. Many cosplayers gathered at the Galaxy Platform regardless of the heat. Several people were there to view and photograph the cosplayers. The special stage that was set in the center was almost full. A screen was set up next to stage that showed a live Niconico broadcast of the stage and comments from spectators in real time.

The event started at 2:30pm with an introduction of the judges. Yasuto Watanabe, songwriter Tomokazu Tashiro, popular cosplayer LeChat, and Russian girl band Pudra were the judges. Each judge was given 25 points (10 for costume and 15 for singing), which were then added up by the four judges to total 100 points. 100 points of “Precision scoring DX-G”, the scoring function of the latest “LIVE DAM STADIUM”, were added on top of that to total 200 points.

As the simple explanation ended, Li I-Chin from Taiwan, dressed as Sosei Abe of “DONTEN NI WARAU”, took the stage first. Li-Chin seemed nervous but performed the vocaloid song “JOGEN NO TSUKI” with a relaxed voice. The “Precision Scoring DX-G” score was displayed immediately after the performance. She scored 88.812 points.

▲ Li I-Chin

Next up was Marianne Bella Topacio from the Philippines who has been living in Nagano for year. She was dressed as the cute Kotori Minami from “LoveLive!” and sang “YUME NO TOBIRA”. She sang like a Japanese idol and scored 91.611 points.

▲Marianne Bella Topacio

Malaysia’s Khor Bin Yun dressed as Rena Rune from “Genesis of Aquarion” and sang “Genesis of Aquarion”. Bin Yun’s high tone voice was memorable and helped the singer score 88.430 points.

▲Khor Bin Yun

Wu JiaJing of China appeared as Asuna of “Sword Art Online”. The singer wowed the audience with a powerful high-tone voice. She shouted, “Let’s all get hype!”, and brought up the energy level of the crowd. It was hard to believe that this was an amateur’s performance. Her final score was 91.218.

▲Wu JiaJing

Then came the first male contestant of the day. Indonesia’s Raynaldo Andreas Lewi dressed as Mikoto Mikoshiba of “Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun”. He ran across the stage while hyping up the crowd. “KIMI JANAKYA DAME MITAI” should be a difficult song, but Lewi got the rhythm down and sang it with power and joy. The crowed was engaged with the invigorating and passionate performance. Everybody expected a high score, but the 84.566 score shocked the crowd.

▲Raynaldo Andreas Lewi

Kozlova Olya represented Russia. She appeared as the blue-haired Kanako Miyamae of “Maria Holic”. She sang “Hanaji” and captivated the male audience with her sexy voice and moves that linked with the anime. She subtly did falsetto with her sensual voice and showed great technique. Her expressions were fantastic, and her Japanese pronunciation was perfect. She scored 86.966 which also shocked the crowd.

▲Kozlova Olya

Holland’s Chrissa Korebrits appeared as Toka Kirishima of “Tokyo Ghoul” with wings on her shoulders. She sang “unravel”. She was nervous during the intro, and her voice was low. Then she instantly brought up the energy and moved her body around while she sang. She said her 85.260 score was “so so”. When asked about why she sat down on stage during her performance, she responded, “Because I was feeling it”, in Japanese. This brought on huge applause.

▲Charissa Korebrits

The next contestant was also from Europe. Dounia Fergane of France performed as Saeko Nogami of City Hunter. Upon first glance, her costume seemed like a normal suit, but the front was open very low. Most of her thigh was exposed when she moved around. The France representative was sexy as expected. She sang “Get Wild”, which was the theme song of the anime and a huge hit for TM NETWORK’. As the intro started, she hyped the crowd in a Kansai dialect, “Let’s all do this!” She moved her long arms and legs while drenched in sweat. She scored 87.042 points.

▲Dounia Fergane

This was the end of the first half. Yasuto Watanabe commented, “Everybody is good at Japanese. On top of that, the performances were fantastic. The crowd is energetic, and it is very fun.” Tomokazu Tashiro commented, “This is not just ordinary karaoke. It’s amazing how you expressed your stage presence.”

The second half of the competition started with a male contestant. Nguyen Bao Long from Vietnam appeared wearing a long white fur peace that covered the top of his head and down his back. He was dressed as San from “Princess Mononoke” and sang Yoshikazu Mera’s huge hit, the theme song of the movie. The audience was silent while he sang with his beautifully transparent voice. His high tone voice extended out, and his vibrato was beautiful as well. The crowd applauded when his performance ended. He scored 90.085 points.

▲Nguyen Bao Long

Australia’s Ingrid Barnes was up next. She appeared as Madoka Kaname of “Maho Shojo Madoka ☆ Magica”. She made the costume by hand just two weeks prior. She sang “HIKARIFURU”, the ending theme to “Gekijoban Maho Shojo Madoka ☆ Magica [last half] Eien No Monogatari”. She sang the slow tempo song while relaxed and swaying her body. She scored 80.297 points.

▲SIngrid Barnes

The 11th contestant of the day was a man from Italy. Giordano Petrini Trombatta appeared topless baring the chest scars of Kenshiro from

“Fist of the North Star”. He sang “TOUGH BOY”, the theme song to TV anime “Fist of the North Star 2”. He started out by yelling, “Hello Nagoya! Come on!” in Japanese. He hopped on the rhythm and gave a powerful performance. He kept appealing to the crowed and delivered the famous anime line, “You are already dead”, in Japanese. He scored 86.647 points.

▲Giordano Petrini Trombatta

Next up was Japan’s representative, Miyuki Takahashi. She was dressed in a blue military outfit of Sheryl Nome of “Macross F”. “Diamond Crevasse” is slow and difficult to sing, but her delicate and polished voice was almost perfect. She scored 94.523 points, the highest of the day.

▲Miyuki Takahashi

Korea’s Kee Mijeong sang “Platina” dressed as Meiling Li from “Cardcaptor Sakura”. The audience applauded her cute persona that matched her outfit. She scored 81.022 points.

▲Kee Mijeong

Next up was Yuko Yairo from Brazil who was dressed as Great Saiyaman. The crowd was in awe of his orange helmet and dark visor that only revealed part of his face. He shouted, “I cannot forgive evil! Great Saiyaman is a friend of justice!” in Japanese. He then sang “BOKUTACHI WA TENSHI DATTA” from “Dragonball Z” with a beautiful low voice. Fans that held up a giant Brazilian flag supported him. He scored 88.892

▲Yukio Yairo

The last contestant was Nanthakhwan Visithanon from Thailand. She wore an all black outfit with gloves and armor that looked very hot to wear. The audience was captivated by her emotional performance. It was an exciting end to the competition. She scored 86.144 points.

▲Nanthakhwan Visithanon

When all the performances were over, LeChat commented, “I was captivated by the songs and the performances. The quality of the costumes was also amazing”. Pudra of Russia said in Japanese, “It was very fun. Everybody is so good!”

The latest model of “LIVE DAM STADIUM” was introduced in a separate room while the judges made their decisions. Pudra then took the stage as a special guest. The band became popular from their Japanese covers of anime songs, but they also make original songs. Pudra will make their CD debut in August. The 4-piece band, ages 15 to 18 came on stage saying “Hello everybody” in Japanese. They performed JUDY AND MARY’s “SOBAKASU” and followed with “Bluebird”. They spoke in Japanese the best they could, and their Japanese introduction was also a bit hit. Pudra is a girl band that usually plays their own instruments. Those who want to experience their band performances live should check out their official website.


All of the contestants came back out on stage, and the results were announced. The special jury prize went to Russia’s Kozlova Olya, whose sexy performance was memorable. Vietnams’ Nguyen Bao Long, who fascinated the audience with his outstanding singing ability, was the runner up. The grand prize went to Nanthakhwan Visithanon from Thailand. Her heavy cosplay and passionate performance was unforgettable. This is the second consecutive year that the grand prize went to a Thai representative.

Judge Yasuto Watanabe concluded, “Everybody’s singing and performance were amazing. I was impressed with how well everybody sang in Japanese. I am excited how Karaoke can bring people of different countries together.”

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