Kazuyoshi Saito writes commercial song for Yoshinoya, 'Hello! Everybody!'

It has been revealed that the song, 'Hello! Everybody!', which will be featured on Kazuyoshi Saito's 1st, 20th anniversary single, 'One More Time' (release on April 17th) was written as the commercial song for the beef bowl chain, Yoshinoya.

As the import deregulation on American beef was confirmed in February 2012, Yoshinoya has revealed to lower the price on their beef bowl to ¥280, the same price from before regulations took place in 2004. Yoshinoya's catchphrase now is, 'The best taste in Yoshinoya history'. As promotion, Yoshinoya has renewed their advertising, casted Kinya Kitaoji, Daisuke Miyagawa, and Saki Aibu as advertising characters, and created the new TV commercial, 'Toujou' version, which features the masculine rock tune, 'Hello! Everybody!' written by Kazuyoshi Saito.

Saito, being a fan of Yoshinoya, wrote the song exclusively for the commercial, and put his body and soul into it. The light-hearted melody and positive lyrics, matches the commercial so much that you can almost smell the beef bowl from beyond the screen. The 'Toujou' version commercial (15 seconds) will begin airing nationally on April 18th.

Furthermore, as his 20th anniversary campaign, Saito and Yoshinoya collaborated to make a 'collaboration donburi' (rice bowl). The first press versions of the single, 'One More Time' includes an application ticket to get a chance to win the rare collaboration donburi. 1,000 winners will be chosen via drawing. Postmark deadline for applications will be April 22nd, 2013. Since the release date for the single will be on the 17th, there will not be much time until the deadline. If you want to win the donburi, be sure to act fast!

-Kazuyoshi Saito Official Website

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