Aldious: 'Work that will appeal equally to both old and new fans'

The J-POP scene is seeing its heyday of girls' bands in recent years. The limited time resurrection of such legendary veteran bands in Princess Princess and SHOW-YA in 2012 have surely played a major role in getting the trend going. However, times are always changing, and we are in desperate need of a hero/heroin. Aldious is the band that debuted in 2010 and climbed to the top of the next generation girls' bands.

-aldious PV

It has been 9 months since the new vocalist, Re:No, made her lightning-fast entry to the band in August 2012. Since then, the band has released the single, 'White Crow', and held a national tour. Both have been a great success. On May 15th, they will be releasing the first full-length album, 'District Zero', with the current lineup.

Without a doubt it will be a long-awaited release for fans, but at the same time, the band must be feeling the same way too. The title of the album, 'District Zero', captures the thoughts of the band: 'by fusing Aldious from the past and the present, they will begin a new journey'. Since Re:NO became a member, the band has shown great growth and maturity which have been reflected through their works. The lead track, 'Scrash', carries the message of 'believing in yourself and moving forward at times in life when things that you cherish slip through you hands.' It deals with overcoming adversity and having the determination to overcome it.

Along with the band's shift towards a more pure metal sound, the band members' appearance has also made a shift towards that direction as can be seen in the MV for 'Scrash'. Their costume features a sharp, black base: a look that reflects their mindset as metal soldiers. They have intentionally toned down their charm in order to pursue true artistry and musicianship over their appeal as female artists. Their determination is sure to come as a surprise to everyone.

The album, 'District Zero', features a new version of 'White Crow (album version)', for which they re-recorded all vocal parts along with parts of Yoshi's guitars. This new version has given the song a thicker, more dramatic sound. The album also contains a newly arranged version of one of their most popular live tunes, 'Ground Angel (album version)'. 'District Zero' comes armed with a plethora of killer tunes that are sure to 'appeal to all listeners and fans, both old and new', as the members have stated.

Aldious shows no signs of slowing down with their album release just around the corner and a promotion tour of said album. The time has come to assess their potential as true artists.

Text: Yasuhito Kitai
Picture: Daisuke Honda

'District Zero'
Limited edition CD+DVD BSRS-013 3,150 JPY (Tax incl.)
11 tracks
Commentaries: Seisoku Ito / Masao Fujiki (BURRN!)
With lyrics
•Scrash (MV)
•Suicide (Live Video)
•White Crow (Shoot Making)
Standard Edition CD BSRS-014 2,800 JPY (Tax incl.)
Commentaries: Seisoku Ito / Masao Fujiki (BURRN!)
With lyrics
*Standard Edition comes with 16p. Mini photo book

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