RYUICHI KAWAMURA, Shinya, Hideki, and ZIGZO to Perform at HIV/AIDS Benefit Concert

A press conference was held about the event "Join LIFE PRESENTS Hope and Live ~ HIV/AIDS Support and Treatment Benefit Concert 2013," at which LUNA SEA's RYUICHI KAWAMURA and Shinya, SIAM SHADE's Hideki, ZIGZO, and other distinguished artists will join together to perform.

- Image of the Performers

This event is being held due to the appeal from the musician "HAL" (SPEED-iD) who is a carrier of the HIV virus. Because of his suffering, he was determined to officially announce his condition and begin an HIV/AIDS information campaign. One by one, his colleagues with whom he worked in the 90's agreed to be part of the campaign. The group "Join LIFE" was created with the theme of "joining together," through various types of entertainment such as sports and concerts, in order enlighten people and fight against the various problems and hardships faced by people affected by HIV and AIDS and allow everyone to join hands and help each other. This benefit concert features artists who endorse the theme of "joining together," including everyone from young artists to established musicians in the industry, crossing boundaries of generation and genre.

Artists from among the performers appeared at the press conference, including Shinya (LUNA SEA), HIKO (SPEED-iD), Shin Suzuki (ex. Kuroyume), AUTO-MOD, JUN TAKAI (ONE ELEMENT), vijyu, Kaiki Ogata (HERE), Sena (The Raid), and DAISHI (6-SIX). Mitsuru Kato and Hiroshi Kurosawa from The Spiders were also special guests.

The event will be held over three consecutive days starting on August 26 at CLUB CITTA'. The tickets went on sale on July 21.

-Official Website

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