Versailles and MALICE MIZER's Leaders' Miraculous Joint Appearance

Former Versailles leader and vocalist KAMIJO will release his solo debut single "Louis~Enketsu no la Vie en Rose~" on August 28th. It has now been revealed that KAMIJO's respected teacher Mana, formerly of MALICE MIZER and currently in Moi dix Mois, will appear in the music video for the single.

- KAMIJO~enlarged image~

Recently, KAMIJO made a trailer video for "Louis" available on YouTube, and Mana's sudden appearance in the video sparked comments from fans all over the world.

One after another, fans' reacted in surprise and happiness at this unexpected, miraculous appearance, and word spread all over the world so quickly that it seemed as if the video could temporarily become the most talked about thing on Twitter within Japan.

This is the first time that Mana has appeared in another artist's music video since the hiatus of MALICE MIZER. His overwhelming beauty remains unchanged.

KAMIJO began going on overseas tours from the early stages of Versailles' activities, doing global activities such as performing at a castle in France. Versailles was also the number one ranked artist for overseas mail orders from CD JAPAN in 2011.

Already, the overseas orders for KAMIJO's solo debut single are monopolizing numbers one through three on the chart, with overseas fans greatly looking forward to KAMIJO's new activities.

These two men have absolute reign over the visual-kei scene throughout the world as two of the most charismatic, aesthetically pleasing artists. That their appearance together was able to become reality is marvelous. With KAMIJO's solo debut on August 28, the full picture of his solo activities will begin to be revealed.

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