Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, “A new song with an adult coolness”. A Ringo Shiina song for SMAP’s 2015 volume 1

SMAP’s first single of 2015 has been confirmed.

The group’s 54th single is a double A-side single containing “KAREINARU GYAKUSHU”, the theme song for the Kansai TV/Fuji TV drama series “ZENINO SENSO” starring Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (starting January 6), and “Humor SHICHAUYO”, the project song for SHIDAX Heart & Smile. The single will go on sale on February 18.

Ringo Shiina wrote and composed “KAREINARU GYAKUSHU”. This is the first time Shiina wrote a song for SMAP since “MANATSU NO DATSUGOKUSHA” off of their 2012 album, “GIFT OF SMAP”. It is actually their first single by Shiina. Just as the title suggests, “KAREINARU GYAKUSHU” is a gorgeous track that unfolds and is a perfect match for “ZENINO SENSO”. It is a danceable, adult pop song that combines both the worlds of Ringo Shiina and SMAP.

Yuichi Kodama, who has directed several of Ringo Shiina’s music videos, will direct the video for “KAREI NARU GYAKUSHU”. Shooting will start soon.

Naruhiro Gonpa wrote the happy and fun lyrics for “Humor SHICHAUYO” and Yoshiyasu Ichikawa and Tatsuro Mashiko composed groovy, medium tempo music.

The music videos for each song will be include with he limited edition A and B. A regular edition will also be available along with an edition that is only available at SHIDAX. The SHIDAX edition is limited and will be available for preorder at SHIDAX restaurant/karaoke stores starting on January 9. Details will be announced at a later date.

The single also comes with points, called SMAPO, which can be used online for many different things. Once the serial code that is included with the album is entered into the site, they will be converted to points. Once registered with serial code sites, users can view making of videos and other limited contents.

“’KAREINARU GYAKUSHU’ is a song with an adult coolness to it. It is perfect match for my drama, “ZENI NO SENSO”. It is a completely different song compared to “Humor SHICHAUYO”, the other song on the single, but they both project the SMAP vibe. Please listen and compare these two songs” – Tsuyoshi Kusanagi

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